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boricuababy (profile) wrote,
on 9-14-2004 at 7:39pm
Current mood: jumpyyy
Music: 99 problems
Subject: wow..itz definately been a whileeeeee...
sorry..havent updated in a while..errr...i been so busyyy lately in general..all that good stuff..well to pick up where i left off..damage to my house due to frances consisted of shingles flying off the roof..the screen blown out and no power..our power was out for like a week..but i spent that week at my dadz which was pure hell..but hey it was better than being without light or air..oh by the way..for those of u who dont kno yet..i made a live journal i'll be going back n's check it out if u get a chance..immma still write in here tho..x0x0
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