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jessieslifeadayatatime (profile) wrote,
on 9-17-2004 at 9:31pm
omg, so i switched schools. its the best thing i have ever done. other than coming to reality and leaving my physco mom. breeze ownz. well any ways. here's my schedule. first block: biology honors. its tyte. i have soo many friends in that class. damn good times. uhh.. second block: orch. its cool, as always. lol. i cut my nails so now i'm no longer cat lady. :'-( but, but! i play so much better now. i didn't realize how much it effected my playing. o well. this weekend i'm going cello shopping..again. after second is lunch then third block: ceramics/pottery. its okay. i have a feeling eventually i'll get 'into' it more. o well. fourth block: world history honors w/ mr. holtgrewe. i think thats how you spell it. that man is a total wack job! omg, well NEways. its fun in there. i have a feeling he knows what he's talking about. i'm out later. ~jessie
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