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andi (profile) wrote,
on 9-19-2004 at 1:32am
Current mood: touched
Subject: errr
So the party was ok. We watched the guys hump eachother and the guys dance w/ eachother. Umm..Kyle got boob tassel thingys and he was dancing w/ those on. haha. We went swimming and played Shark and Minos. Not a lot of people were there and I was kinda happy about it b/c it was the ppl that I knew very well that were there. Then my eyes were burning really really seriously bad from the pool. They just put shock treatment in a day ago and they let us go swuimming, are they crazy bitches? So I couldn't see worth a shit. So when they were playing hide and go seek in the dark, I was laying down on the couch in Anne's room trying to get my eyes better. I couldn't sleep over b/c Anne didn't get her essay done. urgh. So i'm home now. got home around 1 am. The party had its good parts and a seriously bad part, but I got over the bad part. Tonight proved myself that I am NOT a slut. I may flirt, but I am not a slut and go and do shit w/ any guy that is hot. I feel happy. I just need to figure out how to really stand up to the guys in a way to not make them feel bad, but yet they know not to touch me. Does anyone have any ideas? Men out there, I need your help on this one so holler at your girl...

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umm, 09-22-04 1:30pm

glad u guys had fun its ali by the way what happened at the party the bad part i mean? what slut did what? lol lemme guess amanda? no i feel bad for saying that lol anyway get back to me in my journal cause once again im in calss and seriously bored so yea bye

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