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shama06 (profile) wrote,
on 9-18-2004 at 11:58pm
Subject: I Love You.
Hey everybody. I love this journal. I couldn't leave it. I realllllly like that other journal but woohu has been awesome so I think i'll keep it and write in it more than the other. LoL! Hmmm Tabi came over and Sarah came and got us and we went to the little basketball thing they had out at the school. It was pretty fun. I figured it would be really boring but it wasn't. I hope my dad definetly coaches next year so I can sing at the lil thingy they do in May. That'd be greatness =] I've been kinda sickly since I got home. Well actually ever since I ate the food out there, it was really good but I guess it kinda made me feel blllllahhh.
I went into jean designing this evening, lol. I got an old pair of pants that I had previously taken the hymn out of and put bleach spots all over em and put holes all in em...and i'm gonna see how they turn out lol. I dunoooooo! But yea me and Cody are all good now. I didn't feel aggravated and all weired like I useta when I was around him. It was just But, we will see how it goes. Lately, i've just loved the way things have been...i've gotten to talk to my friends a lot more and all that jazz. haha...I love my friends!!! I have talked to Ben this past week more than I talked to him the whole summertime. I missed it Benjiii =] I luv you! lol. I've also talked to Sarah, Luke & Alan a lot more too. I guess that's good. Tabi, well we always talked a lot! LoL, and Jenn. Hmmm. Can't say i've talked to her a lot! HA.
Today is the 18th which means I just saw Emerson Drive a month ago. I wanna see my Braddy again. I miss his beautiful voice and his beautiful hair, smile, body, eyes, AH, everything! HaHa. I am soo obsessed! Ahh, well, I guess I need to go to bed soon. I'm talkin to Cody right now I probably won't leave for another hour but, I should go to Church in the morning, but i'm just gonna go tommorow night I guess, UgH i'm awful. Amber just told me I should go in the morning cause she's tired of bein the only girl
Oh yes, you know what, I am determined to lose there's not 1 moment of the past 5 years that I haven't been but i'm really determined this time. I want to lose like 15 or 20 pounds by next year. Let's just say i'll weigh between 110 or 115 and that's what Sarah weighs. That's gonna be really hard. LoL! What motivated me was Ben callin me a fat cow the other day. [J/K Ben lol.] But yeah, i'm gonna getter done! Oh you know what...I want that new Scent stories air freshener thingy. It plays Shania Twain! That's awesome. Mom said she saw it in Wal-Mart and it was like $25. I was like WOAH. That's a definite NO for me right now cause I have like $5 and that's all. I need a job SO bad and i'm gonna get one in the spring. That's a long time away but I probably won't have a car til then...and that's not my fault so the parents better be ready for me to be beggin them for money for the next 7 months. LOL! Well i'm gonna go guys. Talk to y'all later!
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09-19-04 11:53am

Aww...I miss Brad! We need to go to another one of their concerts soon, and that tape you had of them was great, he is so adorable!

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