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jessieslifeadayatatime (profile) wrote,
on 9-20-2004 at 5:32pm
so, breeze is still awesome, even though today was my second day there. i had a snickers bar for lunch. after school on friday i went to starbucks w/ muh old homie mackenzie. good times. then her mom took us to subway. still good times. then i went home and chilled and went to bed. woke up and did yard work and cleaned around the house. damn that sucked. thats where the good times ended. i worked so hard that i slept 12 and a half hours that night. then when i woke up i cleaned some more cuz we had company coming over. they finally came and we had a BIG cook out sort of thing. we made these giant hot dogs (my favorite), steaks that were ten dollars a pound, and some pork shoulder or something gross like that. i dunno. it was good though. OMG, my dad just bought me a cello over the phone w/ his credit card!
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