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r0ckmywurld (profile) wrote,
on 9-21-2004 at 3:34pm
my journal is just going to become gary's away messages because he is the man!

Do you remember the time I was drunk
the time I was shitfaced
the time I was buzzed
the time I was blazed
the time I was William Hung
the time I was the designated driver
the time I jumped from a cliff
the time I made out with you
the time I was the retard
the time I was the nicest guy ever
the time where everybody wants me
This is the life of Garry "Pootie" Taing
and this diary
(good nite to the ppl bak home)

thats all for now
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09-22-04 11:34pm

Aww Meg..his away messages make me wanna cry lol. They remind me of how many beyond amazing and crazzzy times we've had at home. And how much I miss u guys of course!!! Well I hope things are going good, esp with the apartment =) Just wanted to say hi! xoxo~Curran

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