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theroofisonfire (profile) wrote,
on 9-25-2004 at 12:29am
mhmm. yes i have ignored this thing, but thats all going to change now. i'm turning over a new leaf damnit. i think with woohu i can really write because no one is going to read it. or the few people who do read it are the people i want to read it. but its not like i lie on livejournal or anything, maybe theres a higher level of comfort here. or maybe i'm just crazy. who knows. heres the story of my life.

school has been school, kind of dull but its exciting this year, being the last year of high school here and all. i just went to an assembly the other day where they said graduation is going to cost 130 dollars. it includes the cap and gown (but i think we only get to keep the cap) the food, renting the hotel where the ceremony is and it covers the prom ticket too. but still, its a lot of money and i can fundraise to cover the cost but that is a lot of fundraising. there are these books that we can sell that are 27 dollars but only 10 dollars of that amount goes to grad fees. i'll find out a way to do it. or i'll get a job.

oh my goodness on thursday, 4 weeks into the school year i saw Alexis for the first time this year. like i've seen her before but only out of the corner of my eye and thursday we really got to talk so it was nice. and then there was a party last night! Jen's birthday so it was at her house, in the basement. good people and good dancing. it was fun. but it was dominated by girls. 4 guys and only 2 of them did any dancing (myself included OF COURSE).

i feel....alright i guess. i've been single for like FOREVER. no but you really want to know how long? about 1 year and 1 month. so far i dont mind it, but things can change! so i want a date for prom, maybe not a girlfriend but a date. is that too much to ask for? i hope not. ok i'm done.

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09-28-04 10:20am

misses luan.

the end.

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Re:, 09-28-04 7:34pm

its been 395 days or so. we've almost hit the 400 mark (days i havent seen you).

misses Greta.

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09-29-04 11:38pm

goodness. who is this awesome boy?

oh i miss you, bunches.

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Re:, 10-02-04 10:24pm

hello stranger

i think about you, way too much.

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