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wangusspaz00 (profile) wrote,
on 9-27-2004 at 12:59am
Current mood: rushed
Music: Jimmy Eat World-Firestarter

Haha summer was nothign special. I hyped it up to much and it didnt live up to what it was suppose to be at all.

Oh well at least im meeting a lot of new people. Getting away from all these people ive been aroudn since god knows when and that i hate.

I still don't get lots of people. Or i cannot find a girl that i think is normal. That i can actually relate too. They are all the same and are all with the guys.

Eh, they'll come around :)
Or i'll find someone good

I'm the bitch you hated
filth infatuated
I'm the pain you tasted
well intoxicated
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