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echoingremorse (profile) wrote,
on 9-27-2004 at 4:11pm
well, that was probly the most GROSSEST thing ive ever seen.. i clicked on a link for some guys journal that commented in ashlys journal.. and a window opened up.. which is normal obviously.. but then it loaded a picture of some girl covered in poop naked.... at this point i was like "oh fuck... i shouldnt have clicked that...".. and then it started opening window after window at about 6 per second, of some guy naked stretching open his ass... and im like "!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Contral-alt-delete.. Control-alt-delete*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*.. and then nothign was happening soo i was like "TURN OFF!!!! *holds down power button*".. and it wasnt turnign off becuase it was trying to do too much shit... sooo then i pulled out the phone line.. and they were still opening.. but thankfully after about 10 seconds.. AOL came up with a shutdown message since it lost its connection.... and i held down the power button again becuase i wasnt taking any chances of it coming back for more.. my poor little laptop ... *sigh*

school was ok today.. it was my really easy day where i only have thi sone class that where 90% of your grade is attendance...yep..

i really need to do some hw before i go to work.. this has been liek the first time ive set aside time for myself this week, between work and school, i have no free time, and when i do i spend it jamming, soo my social life is shitty..atleast now i get to see ashly and chris at work sometimes.
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09-27-04 9:38pm

ohohoh... tell me, was the girl in a tub...?

ewwwww...cuz if she was, and she was 'tub girl'... i pitty you... but i had to go through it too...

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09-27-04 11:14pm


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