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rere12389 (profile) wrote,
on 10-4-2004 at 8:48pm
well today was the first day of play practice. it wasnt too bad. at first i didn't think i would like being an extra but now i don't think it will be too bad. plus the people who did get the parts really deserve them so its all good. at least im in it right?

biology is sooooooooo boring! i want out of it... but i gotta take it. rawr. i can't even pay attention at all. not even a little bit. its crazy cuz normally i'm pretty good about getting stuff done and listening but in that class i just cant. its crazy! and science isn't all that boring to me i just think its the teacher or something cuz i just zone all hour. bleh....

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10-04-04 10:04pm

don't worry about biolagy i didn't pay attention ever or even do the assighnments and i'm retarted, so if i can come out with a B+ you can get and A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++*inf.

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10-04-04 10:13pm

meh, I couldn't come. I hope H isn't too mad about it, but it's not like he gave us any warning at all that there was going to be practice. If he gets too upset, I just won't do it. I only tried out becuase Becca was, and she didn't get a part anyway.

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10-04-04 10:28pm

thats why you need to come back to reyburns class. now! then we can both take biology next year, and i could keep you awake.

i heard people have a hard time sleeping while being tickled.

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Re:, 10-05-04 5:12pm

Yeah, I'm in your class and I can't pay attention either. I think its the teacher, j/k. Lol.

ttyl ash

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