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musicalbabe (profile) wrote,
on 10-5-2004 at 9:13pm
Subject: Oh, Life is Random...It's Very Interesting...lalalala
Chem test was good. Not hard AT ALL. *hoping this saves my quarter grade...*

Still unsure about how MEHAP will turn out...dunno about WLH and French III either.

So I hear Mr. Shaull was talking about me in Girls Ensemble. Cool... He's been calling on the rest of the class, so everything's peachy with him at the moment. I don't mind being picked on SOMETIMES.

Still pretty angry about the narrative paper, but I'll get over it.

Dunno what to do about Homecoming. As of today I have a few scenarios, though. Gabi is my back-up date if not my actual one. Ideally, we'd both have dates that knew each other and all hang out together... that's unlikely to work out, though. Learned lotsa things about Homecoming and couples today...gotta love the social drama that surrounds Homecoming...:0D

So Brian came to pick me up after MB today, and I was like 'where's mom?' He tells me that she had a little accident and hurt her leg. So of course I'm like OMG she's in the hospital and she's gonna get a cast and she broke her leg and she's gonna be in a wheelchair OMG etc. Apparently she was running up some concrete stairs on the way to some church meeting that was at 7am this morning (crazy church committees...) and fell like RIGHT on her kneecap. She can hardly walk on it and it's swollen and cut and gross but nevertheless SHE WENT TO WORK and then came home. I can't believe her! Poor Mom!

OH! Another funny thing. Apparently parents have to deicde on a family who would care for their child in the unlikely event that they would both die. The top 2 choices are the Allens (lol nicole! i'd live with thomas' family!) or the Haymans. HAHAAHAAAA!! I said I'd rather live with the Haymans becuase I know the parents better and I'd be able to stay within the area. FUNNY STUFF!! I had no idea this kind of thing existed! Ya learn something new every day...

Well I have a GINORMOUS MEHAP in-class essay test tomorrow which I am NOT going to be prepared for, so I'd better try to change that. I've already wasted like an hour by IMing ppl and talking on the phone. I'm so dilligent. (sp?) LOL!

San Francisco Opera (La Traviata) Friday night and Modesto Competition Saturday. EXCITEMENT!
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10-06-04 6:16pm

La Traviata is so good! Yay opera! I am still bummed about Paige, though.


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OMG!, 10-07-04 9:56pm

I GET TO DO THE RETREAT! Did you see our costumes?! But we don't get to use them this weekend T-T

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Re: OMG!, 10-07-04 10:19pm

yeah i saw...that sucks that you don't get to be in costume!! you won't be wearing black pants and band shirts, will you?!?!

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Re: Re: OMG!, 10-08-04 12:44am

THANK GOODNESS NO! we have last year's uniforms but they aren't as pretty as this year's

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