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george (profile) wrote,
on 10-6-2004 at 6:23pm
Music: Red Hot Chill Peppers
Yeah so i got my dream car Honda Civic Srs 2 door and its a 1994, right now its got a B-15C, but my dad said he whould go half with me on a H22A+ and im just so excited on this car right now considering i only bought it for 100$, becuase the Dumb ass didnt know what was wrong with it,.....simple a broken barring because he didnt change the oil!..............people these days
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10-16-04 1:57pm

funny thing is, dumbass is one word.


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Re:, 10-17-05 8:27pm

and that broken bearing that is from not changing the oil is on the crank.

now.... replacing crank bearings isn't too hard, if you've got the motor out and a torq wrench.

but the car is fwd.... good luck with getting the motor out...
that $12 bearing in the crank is going to cost you $1000-1500 to replace.

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