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rere12389 (profile) wrote,
on 10-9-2004 at 9:53pm

At the moment...

Created by inferno and taken 24 times on bzoink!

At the moment...
what are you wearing?a shirt and jeans
what would you rather be wearing?i'm content
what are you listening to?the typing of these keys
what is the taste in your mouth?the taste of my mouth
what is your favorite band?don't know
what would you rather doing?going on a road trip
where would you rather be?on a road trip
who do you want to see?megan!
who is your crush?not telling
what is on your mind?lots of things
what don't you want to think about?i'd rather not say
what are you waiting for?nothin
what do you have plans to do?well i'm in the middle of making them
what do you plan on not doing?uh... not sure
who don't you want to see?my father
who do you hate?^
what do you hate?when people change
what do you love?when people change
what is a secret you're keeping?if its a secret that i'm keeping and i told u i wouldn't be keeping it

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10-10-04 12:12am

you didn't tell me you had a crush

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