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andi (profile) wrote,
on 10-10-2004 at 6:09pm
Current mood: majoraly pissed
Subject: Friday
Soo friday sucked, yes? lol. Actually it wasn't that bad now that i look back at it. Some ppl can go screw themselves. Some ppl need to look in the mirror. I'm not talking about Amber, me, amanda, or kelsey. It really was just out of porportation. But you know. It doesn't bother me w/ the parents. Well, some of it does yes..but really my parents would of done lot worse. yelling and screaming doesn't do jack shit to me. You can just blank it out. sigh...

n e ways.....the rest of the weekend was really fun. Went to the mall w/ Nick and then at night went to a movie and then cold stone and met up w/ nick there and then Sunday I went to church, that some ppl need to go to, then went to Ginny's and then david's. So um...tomorrow PJ fun!

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10-16-04 3:52pm

so im sorry, were hangin out sometime. im callin you bumhole who owns you like nothing in a pea cake with pies.hhhhawesomehahahahaha
l8er ish

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Re:, 10-18-04 3:50pm

right joe. that chick took my name to call u, joey, what a whore. shits going to go down.

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