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thetheories (profile) wrote,
on 10-11-2004 at 10:18pm
Current mood: tired.
Subject: ::sings:: in 1492 columbus sailed the ocean blue
i love three day weekends like no other. i think i spent this one very very wisely. I didn't do anything to remarkable, or even worthwhile. but i passed the time and three days with borrowing only 20 bucks from my dad. That is really saying something.

Friday Night- football game. andrew vs. shepard that was fun. left early because no one of interest was there. saw tom .. of course that was good because i haven't seen him forever. I told him about how i made mistakes after homecoming and he was proud.. it was terrible actually. he was like b!z, i knew i would become a bad influence on you one day. it was insane. i miss him. tons. After the football game a select group of friends came over to my house. that was fun. Chris, stephanie, jill, laura, shannon, ryan fus, and lexi. i think thats all. not sure though. we just sat around... chris steph are having a major blow up.. which is filled with drama... everyone was home by 11 i was asleep by 1am. Life was swell.
Saturday- i went to brittanies we went to ulta and bound makeup. i also got TWO yes TWO free samples of the new brittany spears purfume! I LOVE IT. i recomend you each go out and by me a bottle. NOW NOW NOW. lol. by yourself one too. Everything at ulta was like buy one get one... it was grand. Bee's mom is such a great lady she helped me pick out all these awesome shades. it was great. I still am frustrated though because i can't put on eyeliner. its ridiuclous. i need practice. practice.. makeup.. yes i know.. a ludicrous concept. i have decided that i am redoing my room over thanksgiving... that will be fun. i picked out a great comforter from PBteen. ooh, how i love it. im getting a bigger bed to fill up my cavernous room and also some new furniture. life is swell. ooh yeah back to saturday. stayed up late watched season one of sex in the city.. what a dirty show. most definately a guilty pleasure lol. life is swell.
Sunday- me and britt meed up with amy. then steph, jill, laura and ellen. it was great. we went to seven eleven.. flicked off jills uncle because brittanie thought he was hitting on us. she screamed at him.. "Gross! you're like my dads age. old man" jsut then jills cell rang.. it was her uncle. that was funny. she told him that sh was at shanons house which was of course a complete lie. lol. sunday was like the funnest day of the weekend i do believe but i can't really recall anything of importance that we did. we saw dave that was funny because she sa loser since he dumped ellen. but hat was really all. slept oever at ellens. little brothers are also a guilty pleasure. that was all. and again.. life is swell.
MONDAY- got home at about two from ellens... did my home work. waited for my dad to get home. carved pumpkins withhim. and baked pan cookies. is it odd that associate baking cookies more with my father then my mother? perhaps but oh, well. our pumpkin looks rad and i cannot wait to put it outside. My dad also makes a mean pan cookie. NOTE: for all of you that don't know what a pan cookie is i pity you. theya re also called "blondies" but i think thats a little queer. its basically a chocolate chip brownie.. but man are they good.
OKay. well. i thikn tahts finaly all of my columbus day weekend review. thats the very very abreivated version.. cliff notes has nothign on me. lol. life is swell.

liz<-- me: does your boat have a name?
me:thats gay
ellen:well what should it's name b?
me: b!Z
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