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squishylover (profile) wrote,
on 10-12-2004 at 8:39pm
Current mood: Wow...
Music: Queen
Subject: Breakin' up is never easy I know but I have to go...-Mamma Mia
Well, Ryan and I will not be getting back together again...and now I can cry. I'm crying alot. And it hurts. He said he's not ready for a relationship and I respect that, but god damn does this hurt. I've lost him, and it hurts. I wanted to cry and now I got my wish.

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10-12-04 10:06pm

No, breaking up isn't easy. I know this may sound ridiculous but I'm glad that you're crying. To be honest with you I found out that the people that can cry are the strong people. It takes a confident,strong person to cry.

I love you, don't forget <3

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Re:, 10-14-04 10:18pm

It doesn't sound ridiculous it makes sense. I love you too and thank you.


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