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eragedbluerat (profile) wrote,
on 10-13-2004 at 3:50pm
Current mood: ahh why bother
Music: radio - commercials
Subject: im too damn lazy
I have learned a valuable life lesson today. Who gives a fuck? I dont. See if you dont care about anything, you dont have to lose anything. If you dont bother, then you dont have to stress. Its a really easy system to follow. Though if you have been living a life of caring, then you will have a lot of trouble switching to this life of laziness and simplicity. So if my dad dies, o well. If i get bad grades, shit happens. but dont get me wrong. Im going to try. Im not being stupid. But if i dont do as good as i would have liked im not going to freak. I dont need to have a gf. If one comes along then great, but i aint looking for one. If my friends treat me like shit, well fuck them ill just find a good book to read or something. But i aint going through all this crap to get em back or something. takes too much effort. id rather just sit here and laugh at them for being such dumbasses. My life may go downhill, but at least i aint affecting anyone else by it. less attachments = less responsibility and less worrying. so if becs wants to beat me at getting a "special someone" more power to her. if she wants to be bitchy about this whole thing then i dont need her. Cut all the bad but keep the good on standby.
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