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melikepeas (profile) wrote,
on 10-14-2004 at 3:41pm
Current mood: sad
Music: kanye west - jesus walks
Subject: ucas
I wish Damian understood how important going to a good uni is to me. Ive just been on ucas trying to finish and its jst hit me that im gonna be living in middlesbrough going to teesside uni, which is something i thought id never have to do. I hope theres gonna be no self-fulfilling prophecys about that fucking uni. Looking at the league tables its in the bottom 10%. Im fucked.
Dougys going there though so at least I can talk to some one about it and be with some one I know while im there. (frans birthday tomorow, gona go get her a present to apologise for not going).
i feel like a fucking loser
(and before you kick off, and shout and stuff i already know what youre gonna say and you already know my response. just getting some stuff off my chest)
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10-18-04 5:54pm

if you want to go to uni elsewhere then go ive already told you this just dont expect me to follow

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12-19-04 7:27am

Everybody feels like a loser at some point, doesn't mean you are one =)


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