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squishylover (profile) wrote,
on 10-17-2004 at 7:03am
Current mood: ::all groggily:: huh?..
Music: Thourougly Modern Millie Soundtrack
Subject: Knott's Berry Farm
Ok the past few entries in here have been too much about Ryan, and today seems the best day to change that constant flow of Ryaness. So yesterday in the wee early morning Marlene had her baby! I heard he was adorable, but still doesn't have a name. I'm feelin' something for her probably happiness but I hope things turn out fine which they probably will knowing them. I learned a dance to the begining of Cabaret...I give dancers so much damn is not that easy at all. Gah I need to practice that dance today after work. I got the part of Louann in my highschool play. Were doing "The Book of Days" it's a murder mystery thing, I haven't read it yet. But my part I'm the wife that gets cheated on and freaks out finally after not saying anything about it for a long time. It's not a big part but I have one good scene. I'm actually doing pretty well in school, I've been in school mode and I think the only thing I have to worry about now is my AP english class I haven't been getting good grades in her lets see how bad I'm doing in there so I can bring it up. I can't wait for the SAT scores to come out. My teacher said it would take up to 6 wks...but thats too long. I want to know how I did. My dress that I ordered should be coming this week hopefully...if not..oh some asses will be capped and some skulls will be bashed. Hehe. Well must get ready for work, tata!

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