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kunta (profile) wrote,
on 10-17-2004 at 7:28am
Current mood: amused
Music: Cherry Monroe - Gone
Subject: Notta Damn Thing
Sorry for the lack of updates, I haven't even really been busy, Just, not in a writting mood I guess, nothings new, not a damn thing. Minus the fact that someone I thought I knew and trusted lied to me, and the best was me catching her in her own lie. That my friend is one of the best feelings you can have. Jeffy and I went and saw "Team America: World Police" tonight, it was interesting to say the least. That movie offended every nation in the world in some shape or form. It also offended alot of other problems in the world such as AIDS, etc. It was deff funny and a go see movie

( jesus titty fucking christ )


on a lighter note and I got bored and did something stupid cuz I think Im diggin on a new chick....

check this out, I doubt Ill update it ever, maybe once in a blue moon or so
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12-24-04 7:03pm

Don't use Jesus' name in vane!! Oh but I forgot, your immaturity level is low!

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Re:, 01-03-05 8:23pm

heres an idea .. blow me ~

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