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eragedbluerat (profile) wrote,
on 10-18-2004 at 5:58pm
Current mood: im thinking
Music: a sad song in my head
Subject: Wow
A kid died in a car crash this friday. He was in my sociology class. His name was Ian. I didnt know him well, so im not going to act like i did. But you get used to seeing someone everyday in class after about 2 months. he was an amazing kid. even from the little time i knew him i found that out. he had this way of making everybody laugh, and he wasn't judgemental at all. he was the perfect friend. He came into class everyday with a smile on his face. always happy and laughing. not that annoying perky shit but he was genuinely happy. He was different. he had long braids in his hair and he didnt excatly fit with the "in crowd". but thats what made him Ian. He never cared about that kind of stuff. I think my sociology teacher said it best, "he didnt be different simply to be different. He was different because thats who Ian was." it's hard to watch people i know crying and not being able to help them. to find some way to ease their pain. ive offered to all my friends that if they need me for anything im there. And they know that. but its all i can do. It really gets you thinking about your own mortality. How many things have i left undone? How many things have i wasted or given up or thrown away? Its scary to see someone and then find out that 4 hours later they died. Your life is fragile but so important. never waste it. dont do drugs. dont drink. Be like Ian. and live your life, happy everyday.
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