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cutlip (profile) wrote,
on 10-19-2004 at 2:01am
Current mood: busy
Music: breakingmybackjusttoknowyourname
Subject: rushin-arushin-arushin-arouuuuund
that would be nice.

headache. this headache is brought to you by GUESSWHO. hivile. youvilevile.

i miss working as an EMT. malaysia is so differingring-rent from americuh and just. wow. fuck. it's so fucking busy here. i don't think anybody believes me about my heritage/profession/voice/etcetera but. grandma's sick, it's a fairy tale of the only grandson who inherits the fortune. the grandson is not, however, supposed to go to malaysia and tell people to stop conn[ive]ing him out of money.

my name is art. but i'm artistically challenged.
i wish i could draw Vile as I see him. a nagha with littlelittlearms and blades for hands. a beaklike mouth with longblacktongue. spines going down his back like a mane to the snaketail. allwhite with pink stripes and beadyredeyes.

ohgod. i love [&hate] him so. i see the tail and want it to twist around me until i suffocate.
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