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AnnaLeBelle (profile) wrote,
on 10-19-2004 at 7:41pm
Current mood: contemplative
Music: A Mountain; Good Charlotte
Subject: Once Upon a Time
Long ago there was a flower, a single lone flower. No other flowers could grow around if for the flower was covered with thorns and towered over even the tallest tree with only it's one single bud and poisonous leaves.

Alone it lived for a very long time, growing larger by the years. Still, only the one flower remained, never dying and never blooming. Just staying as eternally young forever.

Seasons came and went, but still larger it grew. It dwarfed the town nearby as one tangle of black vines, thorns all about it and only that tiny bud at the top, daring to rise to the heavens itself.

And in the shadows rose a single flower. Nothing special, it was small and miniscule compared to the giant mess of brambles. It grew higher and higher, but never rose above the unbudded flower, wrapping itself around the thorny stalk.

No matter how much the thorns ripped at it's skin, it continued to spiral around until the two flowers were intwined.

In that moment of perfection both flowers burst into bloom.

See what you make of it. It makes no sense to me, but you know.. whatever.
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10-27-04 3:35pm

wow. i was going to comment to your journal when i was randomly going through it because the layout was awesome.

Then I read your entry and was moved. That was a beautiful story-
I think it's a beautiful metaphor. Put literally I think it means that there was this one person, I imagined a girl, and she grows and grows and rises above her humble beginnings and grows alone- without any companionship. She doesn't have friends and she hasn't found "the one". So she grows. Then this other flower, who is a guy, sees her and likes her. He tries to rise to her level, thinking she is out of his league. He wants to love her. He wants to be with her. He wants to be her "only one". And people (thorns) tell him he can't do it, they aren't meant to be together. People put him down. Things (also thorns) threatened to beat him down, but he succeeded and overcame all obstacles just for love. And eventually, the did overcome them and were intertwined together.

It's lovely, isn't it? Wow.

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Re:, 10-27-04 11:26pm

Your mind is better than mine because I had no clue what this meant after I read it, lol. You described it wonderfully, I believe that was what I was getting at when I let my mind wander. I dunno, I didn't used to do this kind of thing on my woohu account, but due to certain things, I don't really write write, it's more like my poetic outlet if it makes any sense ^^;

Thanks for the comment, I really appreciate someone reading my shtuff.


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Re: Re:, 10-27-04 11:48pm

No problem! I added you to my friends list, if you don't mind.

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Re: Re: Re:, 10-28-04 8:30pm

I do not mind at all! I added you to mine in return.

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