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cutlip (profile) wrote,
on 10-22-2004 at 6:28pm
Current mood: infuriated
Music: and i think to myself----
Subject: .[whatta]wonderfulworld.
you know that [sound[noise[feeling] when you scratch dry skin? it wouldn't be a question if i were sure of myself. but this is more for myself to recordrewingandreflect because i sure as hell won't be this calm again.notforawhile.

i *just* found out the man who my ex-fiance[e] is living with purposefully fucked things up between us. and poured bad to[into] her. and this.andthat.and.

soithink.when i come home./with my knives\. i will kill him. and go back to malaysia. and never feel the [hearse]worse for it. and never step foot in this fucking cuntree again. the funnyfunnyhaha thing is that i never expect to get charged with murder. he's a waste of breath and i fucking intend on taking it away from him.

bigwords. less than two weeks until i'm back in the states. let's see how well i do.
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