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sendmemoney (profile) wrote,
on 10-23-2004 at 12:15am
Current mood: bored
Music: dashboard confessional - hands down
so it is fair for me to say FUCK YOU because to me , it's still your song ? i hate that you can't change the past because i'll never know how different things would be now if things didn't go the way they did . somehow my mind starts drifting around mid-december to a time i wish i couldn't remember but somehow can never seem to forget . therefore ... FUCK YOU . because to me , it's still your song .
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10-23-04 10:49pm

dashboard brings back so many memories, doesnt it? also, a lot of them arent very good memories, because we were 16 and "in love" and now we cant listen to most dashboard songs without the smallest hint of a memory that you really didnt ever want to remember.

so i know how you feel .

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