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wierdo (profile) wrote,
on 10-23-2004 at 9:43am
Current mood: tired

So yeah, i went to the Haunt last night. That was alot of fun, and quite scary. My golf season is over. We took 6th at our Regionals golf match. We beat 90 teams and lost to 24. So we had an overall good season. School is going pretty good i guess. I just got a 96 on my Unit 1 english test, so thats cool. I just got done with my friendship essay. I did ok on it i guess. Ashley was in it...because she's just cool like that. I used her in my essay for a real life experience about how our friendship like fell apart a while back. But i love Ashley, we have a great friendship.

Off i go now.

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10-23-04 5:13pm

Your essay was really good, (cuz I'm in it) Ha! just kidding but I think you should have got a better grade :) I love you too..



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11-14-04 7:03pm


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