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drowning-in-you (profile) wrote,
on 10-24-2004 at 9:28am
Current mood: depressed
Music: Some Beach - Blake Shelton
Subject: again...
well my world fell apart once more last night...devon & i are friends now...

& now...the concept of being an old lady w/ the cats & no one to love is getting closer & closer as we speak...or type in this case...

i want all black cats later...
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10-25-04 1:15am

I love you


I'll always be here for you Becky...I'm sorry I can't be there to drive around, get some root beer and raspberry a chick flick/s....load up on junk food.....and have a jolly good nite.....crying, and laughing....and..snorting.....

i'll be home in 3 the girls' nite shall be belated, and if it makes you feel any better, as soon as I get my lazy ass to the post office, you will be receiving a gift card to Hot Topic :D.....whoops....I spilled the beans....


tu amiga,

love ya

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