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sputnik (profile) wrote,
on 10-24-2004 at 10:29pm
Current mood: full
Subject: My weekend- or just Saturday
I hate it when my freakin dad cooks. I eat too much. It's just to good. And the worst part is his cookies. To die for. Yum. Raisin. I have to bring one to Sarah. She loves her raisins.

Brianna came home this weekend and I'm glad I can tell her a few things like I do Katie. She's really cool now. I'm gonna go stay there sometime with her at CMU. Maybe in November or something. We'll see.

Yesterday was fun. We just hung out at David's house all day and watched movies and talked about anything imaginable and that was awesome. You know The Cat in The Hat is a pretty funny movie once you ignore the fact that Mike Myers is The fricken Cat. I guess I never really like that book, but David's obsessed with the Dr. Suess so he wanted to watch it really bad. We watched the Secret Window twice because he didn't really get it the first time. He doesn't pay attention very well. And he interupts me all the time when he thinks of something else to say and I'm still talking. But I'm a chatter box around him anyways.
I'm gonna go see "The Saw" on Friday. It looks pretty scary.
2 weeks today. He keeps better track than I do. That's different for a guy, but I guess he's different anyways.
I am just really happy. Content. Satisfied.
I loved the thunder storm even though it only lasted like 1 hour.
I'm making a fort out of hey bails in David's barn this Saturday maybe. It's way cool there. They have so much land and a few horses and pigs.
I am starting training this week for work and I am kind of nervous. I have no reason to be but I still am. Oh well. It shouldn't be as hard as the last couple jobs.
But I can't talk to David at all. That sucks. I don't want to be distracted anyways. I have to stay proffessional at work. We'll see how that works.
Well, I have concluded that I like taking walks to relax me. It's kind of an obsession now. Music isn't working anymore like it use to. Shit.
David hate's Flogging Molly. He didn't say it to my face, and he deserves some credit for that, (the kids got brains) but I really think that one's gonna be a "too bad, shut up and listen anyways kid"- thing.

I just want November to be done so I can drive already. And Jessi can be ungrounded. And The Incredibles will be in theaters. And The 3rd Lord of the Rings Extended Version will be out and I can watch it. I completly can't wait.

I need to go to bed because I'm rambling.
I need to change the colors on my journal because I'm annoyed. I guess I'll keep that really hot guy as my picture though. He's just too cool to cut.
Or.. not.. to.. cut ....with a .... knife.
Anyways, Concert band tomorrow and no more retarded stupid Pep band. THANK THE LORD!!!!!!

Sarah, why do you seem so sad all the time in your journal? You know our love will last forever. No need to worry. Becca's here to stay. Kiss Kiss.
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10-24-04 11:28pm

oh becca. you are so sweet and cute and wonderful. i'm happy that you're happy. and some of my journals are just so vauge that they sound sad. they aren't always.

eh, usually though. i love you. thanks.

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10-25-04 8:13am

i definately think i should come and chaperone at cmu with you and your know you need an adult there. im really glad your happy, you deserve it. i wish i could find a guy that i like as much as much as they like me, one that i think is hot......thats never going to happen sense all those hot guys are asses....what can you do.too bad im not a lesbian...

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Re:, 10-26-04 1:01pm

Damn! That is too bad. You can always change?

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