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pamela (profile) wrote,
on 10-25-2004 at 6:05pm
on a sad note, they've given my uncle 36-48 hours to live. My cousin Lacey (his daughter) who lives in Indiana is flying up tomorrow, and has called like 3 times in the past two hours wanting to talk to my mom, but my mom wasn't home, she is now, so now Lacey should call. But i feel soo bad for her because she lives down there and didn't get to see him very much. today is now offically a sad day.
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10-25-04 6:11pm

What's wrong? That's very very depressing.

I love you.

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10-25-04 6:28pm

Ugh. That's really sad. I'm sorry.

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10-25-04 7:21pm

he has cancer all over his body.

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Re:, 10-25-04 8:22pm

That sucks and blows.

I'm sorry.

Give everyone hugs.

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10-25-04 9:19pm

man, i'll pray for em : (

Lacey sounds like a good person

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