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jbandkg (profile) wrote,
on 10-27-2004 at 9:14pm
Current mood: good
Music: Stellar- Incubus
I feel great no work today...I am really starting to hate it. I hate when you have a job but you have no money because you keep spending it, I really need to stop that. Anyway I have been having this debate in my head the last couple of days about wrestling...should I or shouldn't I that is the question. I really hate the sport I hated practice the meets on saturdays I wanted to quit last year but I did it because my dad enjoys seeing me out there. My parnets already paid the "pay to play" card so if I don't wrestle then I need to pay them $100 bucks which I really don't care if they don't get mad at me for not wrestling. I am planing on giving my dad a well thought out letter explaning why I don't want to I really hope he respects my decision.
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10-27-04 9:27pm

don't do it... it's a waste of your time...

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10-27-04 10:14pm

the letter sounds like a good idea.

and maybe you can get people to make donations to you for some of the money.

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10-28-04 8:22am

don't do something you don't want to do.
you'll just regret it.
the letter sounds good. donations sound good too.
i think it takes a lot of guts to stand up to your parents, and i respect your decision.

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AGREED, 10-28-04 12:48pm

Yep the same as they said. But you'll be missing out on some awesome guy on guy action. Bummer. You might want to rethink this.

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Re: AGREED, 10-28-04 1:31pm

yeah I don't need to rethink anything

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