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thetheories (profile) wrote,
on 10-30-2004 at 10:00am
Current mood: at least im still living.
Music: the wind blowing my hair.
Subject: i know what they say... a promise is nothing like the real thing.
Okay so i told you i'd tell you how my first day went..... well here's the synopsis of the first week. if you haven't already guessed the homework load is atrocious. It's nto too bad ... but secretly i know that changing schools couldn't make me happy. Somethings wrong with me, yet i refuse to become oen those drug dependant teenagers. that would scare me to peices. Alright... here's the schedie--
HON. ENGLISH-DRISCOLL... this class seems alright but for some reason heather thinkst hat ms.driscoll isn't going to like me. i tend to agree. we're currently reading Night by Elie Weisel. it's about the holocaust it seems pretty okay.
BIOLOGY- MR. KEARNEY what were they thinking putting me in this! it's an all sophmore class... but mr.kearney is pretty cool. he assigns alot of projects which definately helps your grade. i her his tests are hard though.. that scares me. Im making up a bunch of hte projects i missed in the past few weeks.. its going to take me a whle to get used to this class.
GYM- MS.MADDEN. we're swimming right now.. and ive got to admit it sucks but its not that bad. I have a lot of funny swimming stories ill share later. But i feel like helen keller during swimming... i can't wear my classes so i can't see and i barely hear with all the splashing and the echoing. its crazy. but like i said.. for some reason it's relaxing.
HOMEROOM- i don't know my homeroom teachers name. on tuesdays we have juniors come in and talk about... stuff. like this tuesday was sterotyping.... dave cermake (yes tims brother) is one of our leaders.. HAHAHAHA.
LUNCH- well.. .the cafeteria is definately not mcauley's not by a long shot. but its okay.... its really cheap though which is AWESOME. lol. i sit with amy,sean, sean,jeremy, jenny maxwell,teddy atwood and megan castro.
ALGEBRA-MRS.BARTH. mrs.barth is cool. her tests are hard. i sit next to a kid with really strong cologne. all in all its not bad. right by my locker convient.. and fine.
STUDY-MRS.BEAN. its study it sucks. its far away frome everything nuff said.
SPANISH-MRS.JANAS-okay here's where my real trouble is. first of all, senora zeilner didn't teach me anything so im waaaay behind the class. It's really hard... i sit next to some junior kid who thinks its funny to call me a pot head. Jon Kenellos sits behind me and alex odonnell next to him. oh yeah, marissa's in that class. so yeah, this is definately my least favorite class. and mrs.janas has the MOST annoying voice.. EVEr. she over pronouced spanish words so obnoxiously i want to slit my wrists. Okay well. later.

oh yeah. im joing the speech team. hahahaha.
there's definately more about my day but this is all i have time for right now. I am painting my room with my dad and my mother and i are going to sportmart to buy me a new suit for swimming. Peace y'all.

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where art thou?, 11-06-04 5:31pm

this is the you-havent-updated-in-a-while fairy. and you have not been updating! lol. we miss you bizzle. come and give us a good post darling! o and call me im in a jimmy johns mood.

ellen-----> we can eat brefest from a bag, wouldnt that be awesome?

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