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kobler (profile) wrote,
on 10-30-2004 at 12:25am
Current mood: busy
Music: My Preogative- Britney
hey all! whats up?! lol i am so sad i couldn't go to the swim meet out on Long Island cause i have to much damn homework to do! lol but i saw this on Christine's profile and thought it was the funniest and most amazing thing ever considering the fact its almost 100% true! haha so yea here ya go:
You're a girl of the 90's if you:
*had a crush on uncle jesse
*loved the spice girls, hanson and the macarena when they first came out
*used scrunchies as both hair ties and bracelets and you felt stylish
*had a crush on either JTT, leonardo dicaprio or devon sawa
*thought zack morris was way cuter than slater
*TGIF was the highlight of your week
*used to say "boom boom boom lemme hear ya say way-o"
*loved 90210
*owned any plaid clothing
*thought cory and topanga were destined to be together
*used to collect pogs but didn't play with them
*remember watching blossom and drooling over joey
*wondered what sign ace of base was singing about
lol but yea just needed that in my journal! lol so thats all for now! love u all soo much! ttyl

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its lexi (as usual), 10-31-04 12:30am

i love this...and ps im such a 90's grl they all applied to me...oo good lord!! haha alrighty just wanted to say that im basically the biggest loser ever and love every minute of it!! alrighty later <3 lexi

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