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theroofisonfire (profile) wrote,
on 10-30-2004 at 10:39pm
Music: Jesus Walks
Subject: my new layout
simple isnt it? i think so.

my worst academic quarter so far. its horrible. and i hate not knowing whats going on with you people. but i've accepted it. i've accepted it for awhile. and i've accepted that when i'm down there i can be your best friend but its so different up here. i hate it but i can handle it. dont worry i can take care of myself! now somebody tell me how much winter break you have left so i can attempt a comeback.

it'll be refreshing for me and for you.
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11-07-04 1:43pm

we have all winter break left. the whole two weeks.

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Re:, 11-15-04 5:22pm

thats good. i cant believe i didnt see this comment earlier. i just sent you the frutiest letter this morning too. i miss talking to you.

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