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dramabrat (profile) wrote,
on 10-31-2004 at 1:51am
what is wrong w/ me. Why do i feel that no one loves me, even though people do love me i think. Maybe they think i'm trying to hard to fit in w/ them. I'm mostly directing this comment to my theatre friends. Even though i don't feel love, as long as they love me deep down in their hearts, that's all that matters... RIGHT! you know what ... shia labeouf is a sexy piece of ass! i have no shame saying that. i would screw him if he gave me a chance! oh baby, oh baby, ooooh baby. but i would totally act like a freak ho if i could do Joel (my sweetheart) from good charolette. oooh sexy. I would honestly screw their brains out. i might not be experienced, but thats otay.
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