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squishylover (profile) wrote,
on 10-31-2004 at 4:36pm
Current mood: Crappola
Music: Selena
Subject: Happy Halloween?
Yah so Happy Halloween everyone. I worked for the first part, all dressed up and all that good stuff. If I get a digi pic I will post it on here. I think I'm going ot Jons party thing tonight, so good stuff. Lucy the other hostess was a cop everyone was hitting on her. I did something stupid on friday and now I regret doing it. I gave Ryan a note telling him how I felt about everything, and I think that was a really bad idea...I just have a bad feeling. I hate this feeling...I hate stuff. Ryan is able to go out and do stuff, make friends and be spontaneous, I'm happy for him. I should do that....enh too much energy. I wonder when or if Lorelei is picking me up. I want to be happy, why is it hard for me to be happy? AHHHHHHHH! I need to stop thinking about this.

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10-31-04 5:13pm

Thats cool that you dressed up and everything and that you are actually doing something today. My weekend suckeeddd.

<3 you and comment!

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Re:, 11-01-04 4:10pm

Well thats no good that your weekend sucked. (Sorry for the lack of commenting, i've been uberly lazy and busy lately)


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Re: Re:, 11-01-04 9:32pm

It's ok <33

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11-02-04 8:02pm

Sorry Chas....It will get better, I promise.

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