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boricuababy (profile) wrote,
on 11-2-2004 at 4:43pm
Current mood: geeky
Music: Turn Me On-Nina Sky n Pittbull
Subject: HOMECOMING '04
thanks meli for inviting me to ur homecoming!! it was alotta fun!! i went to west boca's homecoming saturday nite..which was so much fun..they had richie rich..the babalu bad boy dj-ing!! i was like omg!!'re so and meli got to take a pic wid him that wuz koo..i hung out wid her eric and cynthia most of the night..but i floated around meeting up with old friends from middle school..i saw alot of people was koo..i even saw sum ppl from jeff!!..he's doing good..i just didnt kno that he was down wid eric and eric's cousin JJ..wowwwwww..cuteness right met him over the summer and thought he was cute but at homecoming..he was all dressed up and everything..he looked so fine!! too bad he's got a girlfriend tho..:/..yesterday was sammi and amara did the thugged out "gangsteritas" look..haha..we looked hott tho..rockin them baggy pants, bandanas and backwards hats!! hellz went dressed up like that to see the grudge..oo wee..these two were was too..but they freak out..itz so much fun going to see scary movies with u guys!!, screaming..but just dont hurt me too bad in all it was a good weekend..hope u all racked up with that candy!!!
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