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lisalion816 (profile) wrote,
on 11-3-2004 at 3:41am
Current mood: tired
Well, look at me updating from school. wee. yeah so its not that impresive but whatever. I have a while untill my next class starts and i have nothing better to do.

This morning sucked. Well, its still morning so i hope it can only get better. optamistic.

last night i set my alarm for 6:30 so i would have an hour before i had to bike to school. yeah, so i woke up and started getting ready. then i glanced at my watch, it was fucking 5:45. Aparently my cell doesn't automatically do the time change thingy. DAMN IT! So reset it and went back to bed only half falling asleep when it rang again, this time at the time i had intended. You know when you hear the alarm go and you say to yourself 'just five more minutes.' or 'i'll just rest my eyes,'

never do that.

i did that and woke up and hour later. that sucked. i had 10 min to get ready/be at school. it takes just that long to friggin ride down there. but being as quick as i am, i got ready and managed to get down there, being only10 min late. not bad. ive never rode my bike soooo fast. i WAS the wind.


and then, of course, my class was a complete waste and i did nothing at all. and then found out that bush is most likely going to win. if he does, america is screwed.

Isn't life grand?

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11-03-04 3:53am

hey, no one comments so i guess i will have to...right carina??

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