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musicalbabe (profile) wrote,
on 11-3-2004 at 4:18pm
Current mood: anxious
Subject: A Girl of Many Lives...
So often am I reminded that I am negatively affected by my nonexistant free time. I didn't do my homework last night because I randomly had a headache, felt dizzy, and proceded to fall asleep on the couch. (This is the second time I've fallen asleep unintentionally while trying to do my homework.) It's a little crazy to think that while most people have 3 classes on Wednesday and (2, 4, and 6) and 3 on Thursday (1, 3, and 5), I have 5 on both Wednesday and Thursday. (0 split between Marching Band and G21, 2, 4, 6) and then (Concert Choir, 1, 3, G21, 5, 7). It's not like I come home and have free time after school, though, either. I have marching band twice a week, one voice lesson a week, horseback riding once a week, church/youth group (of which I'm VP)/church choir on Sundays. (And this is after quitting PYT shows, Girl Scouts, school soccer and volleyball, and CYSA soccer.) I have 0-7, and will have 0-7 next semester.

The thing is, I like my life like this. I wouldn't have it any other way. When marching band season ends (tear!) I'll add oboe and piano lessons to my schedule and take P.E. zero period.

In an ideal world, there'd be 48 hours in every day, and sleep wouldn't be necessary. But, since this is not true, and it majorly SUCKS that I can't devote the time necessary to excell in all of my activities, I've decided that there are a number of different lives I could take on. Each would leave me fulfilled in one area of study.

1. The Academic Life
My mom once told me that a daughter of a friend from work had just been accepted to Stanford. Apparently this daughter spent hours upon hours studying each of her classes every night, never went out on weekends, and was a brilliant scholar. In this life I would excell academically, take 8 ACADEMIC classes a day, (and use my electives for interesting classes such as Art Appreciation and Psychology and Global Connections and whatnot). I wouldn't really have a social life, and my extracurriculars would be minimal. The one or two performing arts classes I would take would be very intellectually oriented. I'd study like a mofo and consiquentually get a 4.0 (or whatever I'd get with the max number of AP classes) and do super well on SATs and SATIIs and AP tests because all I'd ever do is study for them. Hopefully I'd get into a crazy good college and spend my time alone in my dorm I always did.

2.The Performing Arts/Music Life
In this life I'd shift the focus from academics to music and performing arts. I'd take voice lessons from 2 or 3 different voice teachers (probably one classical/operatic teacher and one broadway style teacher) and take a Music Theory class at Foothill or somewhere on my own time. I'd take oboe and clarinet lessons, and buy a decent clarinet and oboe, and I'd practice at least an hour every day. I'd join something like CYS and spend my time there. I'd make the band/choir rooms my second homes. I'd also devote a lot of time to musical theatre and acting and I'd audition for Broken Box as well as become a regular at PYT. Every moment of free time would be dedicated to an instrument or performance of some time. I'd apply to conservatories and hopefully be accepted to some college with a crazy good music program and become a Music Major, ultimately ending up as an Instrumental Music director at a high school, a professional musician myself, a musical director for a children's theatre, a conductor, or something of that sort.

3. My Life at the Barn
This is where I dedicate my life to horses. I'd own my own horse (or two!) and spend hours after school at the barn every day. I'd probably be a working student at my barn and maybe help teach small lessons. I'd spend an incredible amount of time working with my horse every day and compete at shows almost every weekend. I'd become very close to my barn friends and hang out with them outside of riding. I'd travel a lot for shows and practice cross country. I'd also fork over tons of cash for lessons from a number of trainers and to participate in numerous clinics. I'd be very fit, know a ton about horse care/riding, and be a huge contribution to whatever barn I rode at/for. I'd go to a college with an amazing equestrian team, and board my horse at the college that I attended. I'd probably end up owning my own barn, teaching lessons, training horses, guiding trail rides, or something of that nature.

4. The Life of LAHS Clubs/Organizations
This is where I go club crazy. I'd be an active part of Mock Trial, Speech and Debate, Gay-Straight Alliance, Ruach Club, Christian Club, the "Save the Children" Club, Community Performing Group, Improv Club, Key Club, Safe Rides, Model UN, Class Council, Slam Poetry, and the book club. Every lunch would be spent at one of these clubs and I'd probably be an officer of one or more of them. I'd spend my free time at meetings for S & D, Mock Trial, or MUN, and I'd spend the rest of it brainstorming ideas for fundraisers or attending fundraisers. I'd put a lot of time and effort into the intellectual clubs like Speech and Debate, Mock Trial, and MUN. I'd be a very active member of GSA and Key Club. I'd enjoy the variety of the clubs and the diversity of people in each of them. I'd get into college for community service hours and a diversity of extracurriculars, but probably get into an average-ranked college. I'd have learned a lot about different things, though, and contribute to charitable organizations.

5. The Spiritual/Church Life
For this I'd join many committees for the church, be the President of the youth group. I'd actively help organize church services and spend a lot of time at Bible Study classes. I'd put a lot of effort into singing with the church choir and probably join Starfire. I'd fight for changes that I'd like to make in the church services and make my voice heard. I'd probably reinstate the whole acolyte thing and organize the youth to read the Opening Prayer every sunday. I'd also try to make a Youth Sunday (similar to the laity sunday) where the youth get to plan and run the church services. I'd make our youth group more active and make sure that we do more things for the community.

6. The Social Life
This is where my academics kind of go down the drain but I have a TON of fun! I'd spend like every waking moment with friends and go out every weekend. I'd spend a lot of time shopping and put a lot of effort into my appearance. I'd pribably ask a ton of guys out just for the social expreience of getting to know a lot of different people. I'd invite people over a lot and use the telephone more than a normal person would. I'd hardly ever spend time alone. I'd also be an incredibly caring friend and do a lot to make sure that the people I loved were happy. I'd do special things for people's birthdays and celebrate with them any little achievement. I'd also make sure to help any of my friends who were unhappy and do little things to cheer them up.

If only there was some way to combine ALL of that into once person! If I could do it all, you'd bet I'd do it. I'd also try out for Dance Team (which I might do just for the fun of it anyway) and do a few sports (swimming, gymnastics, soccer, maybe field hockey) for fun. I wish I could!!

Well, that was fun. Now I have to go study for an Algebra II test (I've gotta get all of the extra credit possible or my grade will go down becuase it's still like 102.something%) and 2 French essays. Ugh. OH, and a Chem quiz on Friday. And I have to catch up on MEHAP and finish All Quiet on the Western Front. Fun stuff! Later!
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11-03-04 7:21pm

if we had 48 hours in a day, we would have 24 more hours of homework....

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11-03-04 7:27pm

i noticed in all of those it sounds like u will still have no free time you will just be spending all of the time on you on 1 thing instead of 20. i personally think that being a kind of reniassance girl, and trying tons of stuff and just being ok at each of them is better than being obsessed about 1 thing. you need to have a balance of all of the above lives, to much of a good thing is bad.

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Re:, 11-03-04 8:07pm

those are good points...

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Re: Re:, 11-03-04 11:55pm

If there were 48 hours in a day, then a day would be TWO rotations of the sun, which would be confusing to everyone and just not make much sense.
I know you say you're happy with all the stuff you do, but you need to understand that you have to BALANCE these things, not EXCEL in them. You can only be fabulous at a few things. Seriously, even if you studied 24 hours a day for chem, you probably still woudln't be a chemist because 1)you don't like it and 2) it's not something you're naturally good at because you're a more verbal person rather than scientific. You're putting a lot of pressure on yourself. And if you're going to do that, I think it would be nice if you could stop complaining that you don't have any time because then we'll have to resort to the phrase everyone hates; "I told you so".
We all love you Melissa, but you're doing too much to expect so highly of yourself in EVERY category.

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