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boricuababy (profile) wrote,
on 11-7-2004 at 2:06pm
Current mood: cheerful
Music: Oye Mi Canto-N.O.R.E and Nina Sky
Subject: we lost the effin game friday nite!!!!!! was 40-29..we were kickin ass the first half..but after half time..i guess boca had sum crunk juice after half time cuz then they kept scoring until they beat was a damn shame..anyways..i had fun cheering..we didnt stunt though..sorry amy!!..:(..maybe u'll see at a basketball game or saw soo many old boos last nite..i saw jermell..anthony..charles..and BRYAN!!..ahhh..they all looked so good!!..i didnt see byrd until i was leaving the game..he was up against the fence..and i just happened to look that way when i was looking for my moms..and then i saw him..i can't even imagine the look on my face..oh then i went up to him and he gave me the biggest hug ever..and we talked..i got his number and he was like "i really hope we can chill soon" im going to cheer gym hopefully i'll learn a back
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