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AnnaLeBelle (profile) wrote,
on 11-8-2004 at 2:28am
Current mood: angry
Subject: Fickle Girl
It's almost three in the morning as it always is whenever I can't sleep and update my journals. Yeaaa...

Don't know whether to shove you away
Or hold you close to my heart,
Fickle girl.
Don't know if anything you say ever rings true
Or if it's just the same old, same old.
Fickle girl.

You say you don't know where you're headed.
Where this path might lead us.
You say that you're so confused.
But I know you just like the attention.
Though modest you try to be, I can see.
Take off your mask and quit this childish masquerade.

Fickle Girl.

Always laughing and smiling when your so-called friends.
Then the next moment sobbing on my shoulder about how horrible they've been.
Fickle girl.
Always clinging to my arm when we walk down the hall
But then behind my back you say that I'm the one who's clinging.
Fickle girl.
Fickle girl.

And I don't understand why you're so bland,
But why you're so desirable.
Fickle girl.
Why all the guys lust after you so.
It's enough to blow my mind.
Fickle girl.

And you say that the world is such a cruel place.
But you know I'll never shot you down.
You say I'm such a fool to believe in such unattainable dreams.
You know I'll keep trying.
So let me rip off that outer shell
You ugly, sadistic, bitch of a fickle girl.

Fickle girl.

Change is so hard to accomplish.
I know because I've tried.
But fickle girl, can't you see?
This is how you've changed!

You ugly...
Of a fickle girl.

Go put on your disguise, everyone's waiting.

This was inspired by someone who will remain nameless for the sake of emotions. And, yes, it is a girl.

Of course, it could be my imbalanced hormones again.


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11-08-04 3:07pm

If it's for who I think it is, then it's very true, beyond comparison.

If it's for who I hope it isn't, then I hope you don't think that way.

<3 I love you

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Re:, 11-08-04 3:51pm

I can confide in you, Jocelyn... tell me who you hope it is and who you hope it isn't. But I have a pretty good idea of both. And truthfully, I really don't know who it's about because it describes alot of people I know.

Tread lightly on my heart, my darling.


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