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dramabrat (profile) wrote,
on 11-8-2004 at 7:46pm
well the letter has been written. all i have to do is give to michael,and see what his re action is. i hope its agood one, because i dont want to ruin are friendship by giving him that letter. he's my best friend... i dont want to loose him. not again. hilary's mom is actin like a total bitch! i swear if i was older i curse her ass out. Hilary is being verbal abused by her mother, and its not right. if hilary has to come live w/ me and my family... so be it. as long as i get her out of that household everything will be all right. Chris and i got into are first fight .... aint that just exciting. i think we might break up soon. i think we are not meant to be 2 gether, not like me and miguel.
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