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living-still (profile) wrote,
on 11-11-2004 at 12:35am
He tried really hard not to get angry last night... I appreciate that. Because I was crying for 20 minutes...

I think I'll be doing homework all day, today. November 11th should be cherished. And I thank my dad so much for serving. It's important... very... Too bad I'm going to switch to Canadian citizenship because of our new president...

I'll be looking for a job... I'll also be signing up for driver's ed. I'll be reading my book... I'll try to finish it by the 18th.

I'll try and not hold things so litteral... I'll not be a drama queen... I'll not hit Ryan, and I'll take the consequences of my actions. I'll try not to complain as much, I'll try to be friendlier. And my friends will not be my life, nor will Ryan. I must get my grades in order, And now's the time to start. 2 fresh F's on my report card and one quarter ended... I'm going to see if I can switch out on Friday, of Chemistry. I'll get my missing work into APUSH and get my ass up to speed on what's going on.

No better fucking time to start, eh?

Love you.
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11-11-04 12:48pm

Let's both start being better people together.

We could help eachother and build our own little support system.

i love you.

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11-11-04 1:52pm

Im glad. Im very glad Lauren that you have decided to do this. Im happy for you. If you need any help what so ever........ Im always here.

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