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squishylover (profile) wrote,
on 11-11-2004 at 5:26pm
Current mood: Cheerfull now
Music: Avenue Q soundtrack....thank you broadway.
Subject: The internet is for Porn
Any 6 - no matter how personal, private, or random. I have to answer them honestly.

In turn, you have to post this message in your own journal // OR // you have to answer the questions that are asked to you.

Ask away, even if you don't have a journal.. leave an anonymous note.

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11-11-04 6:30pm

1.Do you like pepperoni?

2.Why are boys so stupid?

3.Why is my mom such a bitch?


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Re:, 11-11-04 6:31pm

Gahh sorry...

4.How far have you gone with a boyyy?

5.Do you have any pets?

6.What grade are you in?

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Re:, 11-11-04 7:05pm

1: Ooo I like pepperoni very much..especially pepperoni pizza.

2. Boys are stupid because a chromosome that is in there body causes them to be that way, and they can't help it.

3: Your mommy is a bitch cause she is going through Menopause, and that would bring anyone to bitchiness, or she just needs more cheeze-its.

4:I have had sex with a boy, so I guess thats all the way.

5: I gots 1 kitteh (mah babeh), 1 bird (super bat bird!), and 2 stupid dogs (they are not cool like in the cartoon)

6: and I am a junior in highschool "06!"...
I need out of highschool now. Into college I go!


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Re: Re:, 11-11-04 7:47pm

I <3 pepperoni so much it is THE BEST EVER

Heh, yessss

No, shes not even 40 yet but I agree with the Cheeze-it thing!

Aww I've done everything but sex.

I have 2 cats

Me too!

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Re: Re: Re:, 11-11-04 9:03pm

hehe well I attempted at the mum question. is...I dunno. Yay for kitties! and Yay for juniors!


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11-11-04 10:43pm

1. have you peed in a pool?

2. why don't people like me?

3. do you believe in love?

4. what's your opinion on pizza hut?

5. your favorite ice cream?

6. do you like incubus?

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Re:, 11-14-04 7:00am

1. Yes I have, I know it's sick.

2. Because they are stupid, and who would not like you? Your awesome!

3. Yes I do, but right now I'm in a transitional phase so it's not highly looked upon in my eyes.

4. It took me awhile to accept pizza hut again, but I have....and it is good. The crust that just melts in your mouth, I'm a happy person.

5. hmm....Probably strawberry, but there are alot that I totally it's hard to say.

6. Yes I do, I'm mad that the lead singer cut his hair...he looked so pretty with it he doesn't.


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