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echoingremorse (profile) wrote,
on 11-14-2004 at 12:47am
today was pretty sweet for being at work all day... i got to work and opened up and stuff and the danny, ashly, and denise showed up.. i was the only guy there. lol. and then we order PapaGinos (i dont remember how it is spelled).. and i was stuffed after.. and then Cara came and i was then even more still the only guy there. not really a bad thing i guess.. i had a few laughs.

later i was driving back from the mall.. FYE still doesnt have my cd in yet. grrr.. and i was waiting to turn into the theater.. when all of a sudden i heard tires squelling followed by a big crash noise.. lol.. there was a frigan fender bender right behind.. i pulled in and walked over and told the cop if he need me for anythign id be next door at work.. lol..

later on everyone was getting tired and giggly so it was fun.. lol.. ashly escpecially seems to become ammused by everything when shes tired.. lol. its a good thing.. time just seems to pass on by.. lol :)
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11-14-04 1:04pm

Well I'm gald YOU weren't the one in the accident. That would be horrible!!

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WOW, 01-06-06 8:12am

Wow, what a wonderful little story that was. Seems like you had a ton of fun! on the other hand. Well...I have to take my boyfriend shopping tonight for new shoes...he bought the ones he has now at freakin' dollar general for $10. What a loser! LOL...but that's okay...I still love him.
Love always and forever...
Amy *your secret lover* lol...jk

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