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AnnaLeBelle (profile) wrote,
on 11-15-2004 at 10:21pm
Current mood: depressed
Music: In The End-LP
Subject: A little about me
Try to tie me down and I'll just run away.

Try to tell me what I can't do and I'll do it anyway.

Love me too constrictingly and I'll find another.

Don't love me enough and I'll leave.

Talk to me and I'll be pleased.

Ignore me and I will cry.

Touch me like that and I'll melt in your arms.

Be too rough with me and I'll return the favor.

Comfort me when I cry and I'll do the same for you unquestioningly.

Laugh at me and I will exact revenge.

Laugh with me and we'll stay friends.

Talk about me behind my back and I'll hurt you worse than you ever could hurt me.

Hurt those I love and I'll rip out your heart and put it on a metal stake.

Hurt those I hate and I shall be your ally.

Give me what I want and I'll be your slave.

Don't give me what I want and I will continue to be ignorant.

If you are smart, I will respect you.

If you are stupid, I will treat you like the idiot you are.

If you are narrow-minded, I will open your mind.

If you are open-minded, I'll be your best friend.

If you are spiritually mature, I will regard you as one of the higher people.

If you are physically mature, I will stare at your chest and/or crotch.

If you are mentally mature, I will regard you as a higher person.

Talk about relationships constantly and I will stop talking to you.

Replace me with a significant other and I will hate you for the rest of time.

Turn your back on me and I will cry.

Open your arms to me and I will seek shelter in them.

Hurt me and karma will get you back.

Tell me that I'm emo, I will hurt you.

Try to kill yourself, I will lose all respect for you.

Defile your body and I won't regard you very highly.

If you are overly religious, I will staple your lips together.

If you are anti-gay, I will shot you in the forehead.

If you are pro-war, you can kiss my ass.

If you tell me what I like is shit, I will cry, but I'll get over it.

If I like you and you don't like me back, that's fine.

If you like me but I don't like you, I'm sorry.

If the feeling is mutual, please tell me.

I'm a selfish, over protective, indecisive, sex-starved Scorpio.
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11-17-04 10:54am

"If you are overly religious, I will staple your lips together."


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