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mizu87 (profile) wrote,
on 11-17-2004 at :12pm
Current mood: fine/bit tired
Music: My Boo-it started when we were younger you were mine, my boo...
Well, Javier just left. Someone wrote BK all over the floors in our school.. Christain I believe. Blood killers and another thing on the wall, Pyroo, which is a ... Blood gang.. anyway a cop came to school and talked to Javier because he is a suspect. that was just the other day. Alot has happened I haven't filled in... Went to Javier's and finnaly tasted Corona.. Light though... nasty.. smelted great though.. umm today at work got a guys number, some white rich dude who just baught a house in DDR town.. remember me talking about him? And yeah he asked me out for Friday night but oh well I said I was busy... with my hair but also with Javier... him and Drew and I are supposed to be going skating maybe... Yesterday at work I got Nichole to go buy me some drinks... Bahama mama, some pinnapple drink.. it was segnata's or something.. I dont' remember.. but it was alright, drank 1 and a half at work and it got me quited down lol charles had some too.. he sucked on my neck for like a spilt second, I swear if he gives me a hicky i'll kill him. But he kissed me again that night and i pulled away and he said Ooo like damnit stop teasing.. and again that night too i think.. i don't know.. it was fun.. but.. then tonight... got my hug... always getting my hug.. and he always goes for my neck and nips me.. yeah.. umm .. Javier.. I called him and he asked what i wanted because he was giving kyle, the black one, a tattoo... I said i wanted him to come over "oh, let me finish this up and I'll be right over okay?" I said okay and an hour later ... no show then 20 more minutes i give up and shut the door. But I thought since it was a tattoo it'd take a long time so whatever but then there was a knock at the door.. yep. It was him so he came in, wet. It's been raining 24 all day for the past 2 days.. foggy as hell at night.. it's strange but i love the weather, so does charles.. he's cool, I like charles. But I put his sweater in the dryer and he was sweating, he sat down on the couch and i just sat next to him and he put his hand on my knee.. aww.. lol but yeah.. just whatever.... did a cross word... then he tickled my knee, i warned him, and i freaked and first elbowed him in the mouth then he tickled my back with his chin and i hit him again and then later i elbowed him again and the other day at his house i kneed him in the forehead lol and we broke their love seat lol ha ha i pushed him and he put his arm on it and his weight just broke the wood lol but you can't tell from the outside ^^'
listened to music on tv.. he was quite and different tonight.. smelled like kill too... (weed) but yeah.. it ws fun... he came over at like 10:30, and he said he could stay for an hour.. so... 11:30 mom and i drive him home and he gives me a hug like always but this time gets in the car and hugs me with two hands.. awww... that was werid... but he calls me and I find out he's high lol.. pisses me off.. ... .. well.. he put in a game and i was just ranting aout something then stopped becaus ei was done with my story and he was playing a game and then he said 'talk' and i was like 'i'm done talking' ... and he just said talk and i didn't have anything to say.. ... and.. it .. reminded me of.. when.. i talked to brook.. how he was 'in the zone'.... ... javier was talking to the tv.. ... i just was about to cry.. i told him i talk to him tomorrow at school.. he said okay.. i said goodnight and he sai dbye... i couldn't talk to him anymore.. i just couldn't.
tomorrow is a fieldtrip to OKC... humanities class and the art class... well.. javier had no money so today after school when i called him on the phone before work i said for him to come over since i brought a drink home i'd give it to him and give him a 5 for tomorrow.. .. he came with chris... they downed the drink and i gave him 10$ and told him to buy me something from there... .. shit.. i dont' know..
I'm growing fond of him but.. shit.. i don't want another brook...

... i have too much work to do.. in school.

What other shit has been going on? Hell if i know... too much.. i can't even remember..

Alcohol.. .. i'm just downing shit.... god... oh.. .. ah nevermind.. nevermind the nevermind i'll go ahead and tell, javi came over like last week brought a drink, threw it under the surburbine.. did i already tell ya this? But anyway because he was going in side my house and then he left it there because we gave him a ride home and later that night i was with lenka and i got the drink and drank it on the way to her house. it was a twist drink.. those new ones.. it was rasberry... yum .

.. i think chalres got me sick again...
.. i dont' know it's weird..

.. oh saw risa too.. i know 30 characters... and.. have like .. 20-25 more to learn from what she gave me. She said i'm catching on quicker then her 6 year old brother. lol she cooked curry too... it was alright.. she looked like she was about to cry when i wasn't eating it... oh well.

.. but yeah.. my grades are dropping so are my hours at work...
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