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sputnik (profile) wrote,
on 11-18-2004 at 12:34am
Bst sucks and pig lungs are cool.

Current Issues keeps me sane and helps me open up to if that makes any sense. I guess talking about things that I relate to in animated ways makes me feel open about shareing my opinions in a class. And Mr. London is fricken awesome.
I'm gonna miss this class.

Everyone should work at McDonalds. I don't want to be the fry girl forever.
I need new service people tp take over so they can stop laughing at me. Awww...

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11-18-04 6:38pm

BST is the "BS" class, Bec. Remember that. ;-)

And I, too, loved London's class. He was awesome.

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11-18-04 10:34pm

London is pretty awesome i must agree. hes a good guy. lol. and i would LOVE to work at mcdonalds... well i would love to work anywhere only i cant since i'm only 15. if you could get them to hire a 15 year old i'd work there in a heartbeat and free you from the laughter of your co-workers. lol.


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11-22-04 12:19pm

shut up and cook fry bitch!!!
mua ha ha!

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Re:, 11-22-04 12:34pm

So that's what you guys were chanting!
I couldn't understand with the chinese accents and all!!
Now I do perfectly:(

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