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xsingxthexsorrowx (profile) wrote,
on 11-24-2004 at 12:46am
Current mood: sick
Music: S.O.S.-Good Charlotte(...heh)
Subject: *cough**cough*
I'm sick. Have been since the day before championships, but it got worse and i feel like $l-l!+....But hey! I got a puppy! on Sunday he's adorable and his name is bear.I'll post some pix soon.Yeah, last night was....bad,depressing, you name it.yeah , anywho there's a bnig test i have in global studies today that im gonna have to make up. ::sigh:: oh well.according to Lew and Joel alycia and Kwiny said that me and jess were "into eachother" they couldnt be any more wrong. i'm not like that at all ,besides we're just good friends hello.yeah, so ladies keep your trap shut unless you know what you're talking about. I miss marisol , a lot. she was like the only one who i could really talk to.::sigh:; *cough**cough*
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