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Reigning (profile) wrote,
on 11-25-2004 at 1:45am
Current mood: Realistic
Subject: Scenario
You're wearing a red garter belt under your genuinely torn up, and faded jean shorts. Not that store-bought bullshit. This garter belt is holding up your black fishnets, even though they stay up just fine on their own. You lounge there on a beaten, and stained gray couch at your best friend's house. Your back is resting against that beautiful emo boy you desire. Your lover, your sinner, your one and only. Blowing out the smoke from that cigarette between your fingers, you lean your head back and look up into his face. He smiles. One more puff. Black hair pushed to the side of his face, practically hiding one eye. A thin line of eyeliner around those emerald green eyes. Lip ring. He's still smiling. You grin back and look down at your cigarette. It needs ashing badly, but you don't give a fuck. "I can get a few more hits out of it," you think. An inhale. e x h a l e.. So relaxed that you never want to move. Glancing at the self-proclaimed stain on the arm of the couch, that you added to the collection of many last week. Oh what a party. It would sound like any other drunken, emotional, sexual party to anyone else, but no. Each one is different. To you, that high is never the same. The numbness, the mood swings, the overpowering wave of emotions at once, is impossible to get used to, or find familiar. God, those are the moments you live for.
Suddenly, you feel the warm ash on your leg. You wipe it off into the couch fabric, smearing some black on your skin. Oh well. You're so warm and comfortable. The lights are dim, and the air is thick with pachouli incense. Coming down to the last half of the orange filter of the cigarette, you finally smush it into the archaic ash tray. One smooth movement, and you pull yourself into your boy's lap. He smirks back at you, and you know he approves. You run a hand across his neck, then kiss him hard. You stay with your lips against his, in a passionate, but completely silent moment, incense tingling around your nose, then release. Your lips are still touching, just barely, and you feel him let out a small sigh. Lying your head down on his shoulder, cuddling into him as closely as you can, he wraps his arms around you in the securest way. Nothing really does get better than this.
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11-25-04 11:31am

Nice. It captures a stillness. Kind-of like time stopped for the moment.

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