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squishylover (profile) wrote,
on 11-25-2004 at 10:20am
Current mood: Cold
Music: Barbershop music
Subject: Don't be an Ecko-namik girly man!
Sooo I'm here in Atlanta at mah pa's house. Frannies staring at me....sorta scary. It was such a long drive last night we didn't come in till about 3. The car we have was comfy but not. I got the sniffles from trying to sleep in there it was frustrating. But the couch I slept on in the motor home was comfy I was happy. I want a wolf hybrid or a coyote...I think they are really cute and yah. Happy turkey day by the way everyone. And if you don't eat turkey and you doing what I'm doing then happy pizza day. Yes that's right. We are having pizza for thanksgiving tomorrow. Yes I know thanksgiving is today but today we celebrate it with my ma tomorrow we celebrate it with my pa. I need to get ready and take a shower so tata!

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11-25-04 5:09pm

Thats awesome - pizza for thanksgiving!

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